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I'm subscribed, why didn't my payment go through this month?Updated 7 months ago

The most common types of payment errors are easy to fix - your billing address may need an update or your credit card has expired.

To update your card, or billing address, or switch to a different payment method, please see our guide here.

Occasionally, we also see card decline errors. Card declines can happen for various reasons. When we send a payment request to your bank, their automated systems decide whether to approve the charge or not. 

Because these factors are constantly changing, a card that worked previously might be declined in the future. Even if all your card details are correct, and you've made successful payments before, a bank's fraud detection systems can sometimes reject a transaction anyway.

Decline notifications are generic, so we don't get specific information about why your payment didn't go through.

If you've double-checked that all your card information is accurate and your account balance is sufficient, it's best to get in touch with your bank directly. (You can find their contact number on the back of your card). Ask them for more details and request that they allow future charges from Austin and Kat (Chilled Black Dog). Only the account holder can make these requests, so we are unable to call the bank on your behalf.

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