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How do I change my credit card or billing address?Updated a year ago

There are just a few simple steps to updating your credit card or billing address in our system. 

1) Access your Subscription Portal

2) Scroll down to the PAYMENT METHOD section and click EDIT.

* Our system will send an automated e-mail with a link to update your payment information with the subject line: Austin and Kat 🐾 Update your Payment Method on File

3) Follow the link to update your payment information, and click UPDATE CARD.

4) Enjoy the rest of your day!

Please note, for your security, the Austin and Kat team does not have access to your billing information. We are unable to make changes for you over the phone or e-mail.

Click the PDF below for a larger view of the screenshots above:

Austin and Kat How to Update Subscription Billing.pdf989.3KB

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