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Our Formulas

What goes into our formulas and how are they made?

How are ingredients listed?

Active ingredients are listed in descending order according to weight or volume. Inactive ingredients, however, are listed in alphabetical order.

What are inactive ingredients?

Inactive ingredients include everything from preservatives and thickeners to flavors and more. Most often, they’re stabilizers to help the product last longer. But don't worry, everything in our products comes from nature, so you won't see any synthe

I don't recognize this ingredient...

Don’t you worry - our rockstar science team has broken it all down for you on our ingredients page. If you want even more details or are curious about our thought process behind them all, reach out to us at [email protected].

Where's a guaranteed analysis?

Austin and Kat is classified as a "dosage form product", not a pet food, so guaranteed analysis does not apply to any of our products. However, we do publish third-party lab tests for every batch of our CBD products. Check them out here.

What if I ate a chew?

Asking for a friend? No judgment here!. You’re now an official member of the Austin and Kat pack. Welcome! ;). Our chews are made with human-grade ingredients, so go ahead and keep snacking. Just don't be surprised if your pup gets a little jealous.

Where are your products made?

Every batch of Austin and Kat is formulated and made by us in our "MAKERY" in the beautiful Pacific Northwest.

Is your hemp organic?

You bet! Although it's not USDA-certified organic (certification is a long, expensive process). The hemp we use is grown and cultivated according to 100% organic practices that go beyond what the USDA requires to qualify as organic.

Do you lab test your products?

Yes! Thank you for asking. We go through a lot of trouble to make sure our products are safe and effective - and that includes rigorous lab-testing at every step. First, raw plant material is tested for an exhaustive collection of pesticides, herbici