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Will CBD get my pet high? or Overdose?Updated a year ago

Nope. Not possible. 

Hemp and cannabis are pretty similar to look at but under the proverbial hood, they are very different.

Hemp plants contain no more than 0.3% THC. That's the compound in cannabis that causes you to feel high... and it's naturally present in such a tiny amount that can't get anyone high.

We go a step further and use a hemp extract that has all THC removed. (Also known as a broad spectrum extract.)

Our hemp extract and CBD are perfectly pet-safe, non-habit forming, and non-psychoactive.
The National Animal Supplement Council recently did a first-of-it's-kind study on the tolerability of CBD products in healthy dogs and the results showed no negative impacts over 90 days of daily use.

We’ve worked with thousands of owners and veterinarians and we have only ever seen positive things happen when pets are given CBD. It might surprise you that for pets (and humans alike) there is no negative consequence to consuming too much CBD, except you'll have used up all of your chews!

Of course, while nothing serious can occur, we always advocate administering the recommended serving size to avoid any unforeseen complications.

Should your pet eat an entire package (let me guess, you have a labrador) please consult your veterinarian and be possibly prepared for an upset tummy, simply from eating too many chews!

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