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My pet refuses to try it - Help!Updated a year ago

Never fear - we're an innovative crew here at Austin and Kat so we have a few work-arounds that usually do the trick. 

Tips for Serving Chews 
If you have a picky eater, try smearing a little bit of something tasty like peanut butter on the chew. You can also crumble the chew into a bit of milk or broth. 

Tips for Serving Oils 
Many pets will lick CBD oil straight off a small dish, but if you're still having trouble, mix the oil with a small amount of food (we recommend peanut butter again!) Or drop oil onto another treat they already like a biscuit or something freeze-dried, works well. 

Some creative geniuses even hollow out a bite of banana to serve CBD oil to their picky pets. 🤯

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