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How can I recycle packaging?Updated a year ago

Austin and Kat strives to use packaging materials that are highly functional in addition to being environmentally friendly. 

When possible, we encourage you to consider ways to repurpose packaging before recycling or discarding it. 

CBD Oil Boxes: Recycle with other clean cardboard and paper products. 

CBD Oil Bottles: Glass bottle and dropper are recyclable with other clean glass items. Remove and discard plastic tamper seal and labels from bottle. Separate glass dropper from plastic/rubber top (give the dropper a gentle wiggle & tug and it'll come right out.) Discard plastic/rubber dropper cap. 

Shipping Boxes: Remove and discard any shipping labels/tape. Recycle boxes with other clean cardboard and paper products. 

Chew & Topper Pouches: End of life (already made of recycled materials), not recyclable.

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